Pregnant outside of ovulation?

Has anyone ever gotten pregnant outside of ovulation?
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No. You have to ovulate for the egg to drop to get pregnant. Are you asking about ovulation or ovulation windows?

No you can only get pregnant when you ovulate. There’s like a window of time for ovulation and that could happen whenever. But you can only get pregnant when you ovulate and an egg drops

I ovulated 3 weeks after my period. Last year. My period was Aug 28th lasted 5 days but that’s due to me having irregular periods. And getting off birth control. 3 months prior. Which caused me to not know I was pregnant until 13 weeks

No, but sperm can stay inside you for several days. Like if you ovulate 2 days after intercourse you could get pregnant

You would have to ovulate to get pregnant. But you could ovulate at a different time than you think and get pregnant. Like if you have sex and think you’re in the clear, but ovulate outside your predicted ovulation window, you can get pregnant.

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