Trigger warning - sensitive subject (miscarriage)

Hi all, Apologies for the long post but just wanted some advice. I’m currently 25 weeks, on my online doctors portal it has been passed from my birthing hospital to my doctors (they are in separate counties due to where I live, my doctors is West Yorkshire my birthing hospital is South Yorkshire) that I have terminated my pregnancy and have had a therapeutic abortion. It also has booking notes with all of my details uploaded on to my online portal, stating domestic abuse previous children high risk etc, NONE OF THIS applies to me at all and is clearly someone else’s information. We actually struggled to conceive and were referred to the fertility unit before falling pregnant naturally and so this has totally upset me and caused me to be slightly paranoid even though I know my little girl is okay as I’m feeling her moving and have had my 20 week scan. Not to mention the perception it paints of our household environment for a baby to medical staff at the hospital and doctors who read this information? I rang the hospital and they said it’s their new system and none of them really know how to use it - what can I do? It’s made me stressed on how reliable they will be with my birthing notes / plan and I’m feeling nervous and paranoid that my baby is actually ok. Any advice or what would you do? Thanks in advance.
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Contact the subject access team at your hospital, they have 30 days to produce your medical notes to you, and make a formal complaint!! This happened to me but not in my pregnancy, for something different and is a breach of patient safety / confidentiality to upload other notes to the wrong patient. I’m a manager in the NHS and believe me everything is tracked. So sorry that you’ve had to see this upsetting information!

Yeah this isn't acceptable for either you or to whoever those notes actually belong to! Definitely make sure it gets sorted and that it's removed from your record / replaced with the correct information. There's no reason for it to stay there. Sorry it's extra stress you don't want to be dealing with though x

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