Just wondering if anyone has experienced a similar rash to this? My daughter is 8 weeks tomorrow. She's had this rash for 2/3 days. We think it goes when a glass is rolled over it. My daughter has been hospitalised so far with bronchiolitis and urosepsis so we are pretty cautious when it comes to her health anyway. She seems quite well in herself just a little fussy and had one day of going a long time between feeds. We have a hospital appointment for her on Friday but just wanted to see if anyone has had something similar. The rash is mostly isolated to face, behind ears and her torso. Sorry picture quality isn't great but great almost pimple like (didn't have this when she was born) TIA
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My LO has this too, I’ve been thinking it’s to do with spit up irritating her skin?

my BF baby broke out just like that at roughly 6 weeks. turned out she was having a little reaction to me consuming dairy. I cut it out and it cleared up mostly. I'm slowly reintroducing it to my diet.

Thanks both! She's not breast fed anymore following the sepsis and not gaining weight. Do you think she might be allergic to her formula?

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