Can anyone tell me what this means?

It's not child benefit, I don't know why it's changed to that, it's for lone parents. Does it mean I'll get my answer soon? I applied 5/6 weeks ago.
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If it’s your first child your application would be reviewed and approved but if it’s your second baby it’s added automatically one’s baby has a pps number

@Ciara I've applied for one parent family by paperwork because that's the only way you can, it was showing on mywelfare but not anymore, I can see further down that I have been approved for child benefit and I've been getting it since my baby was born nearly a year ago

@Margaret it's not child benefit I've applied for though, it's one parent family, I don't know why it's changed name? I can see further down that I'm getting child benefit and I have been getting it since baby was born

@Ciara thank you! So confusing, I seen somewhere online that the turn around time now is about 6 weeks so I was hoping there was some glitch and I was about to find out if it was awarded or not, haven't been with babies dad for like 6 months but I massively delayed in applying hoping things would work out but now I'm so behind on bills, only get paid monthly and just about covering childcare costs and electricity meter at the minute, honestly debating if it's even worth working now, I know I'll be OK when it gets approved but just hard scraping by at the minute. Thanks again xx

@Ciara so confusing! Was sure they'd glitched the name because I never noticed it before and I've been checking a lot 😅 sorry you know the struggle. Babies make it worth it I know, but it can be so frustrating too. Very lucky still considering everything and so happy to have my boy and I've great support from my family too thankfully, but I don't like sponging off people and can't wait till I'm more financially stable! Hopefully I'll hear by the end of the week 🙏

I think something is glitching because I'm seeing an application on mine too but mine was approved over a year ago... pretty sure I haven't submitted another

@Beanz hopefully we are all in for a big payday that they forgot to tell us about 🤣😅

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