Has anyone had any experience with the Venicci prams/carrycot bundle? Seen a good deal but don’t know if it is worth it. Trying to get to grips with the endless amount of prams brands and what is best!
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I had the venicci tinum as my first pram and literally the only downside I have is that they dont turn into a double 🤣 I think theyre worth the money mine is over 3 years old and still very good condition xx

We’ve got the titaniumn 2 and it’s amazing. My little girl still uses the the car seat but she is getting a little long for it haha. The pram is easy to fold (take the wheels off so they fit into the boot if you need it to). I used to love having her in the basinet until she outgrew it and now she’s in the pram which she loves because she can either be front or back facing which is good when we’re out and about. Let me know if you’ve got any questions! X

@Lisa @Ebony-Rose thank you for this! I really like the look of it and it seemed too good to be true!

We ordered the Venicci tinum edge which arrives this Thursday 😬 It’s not as widely available which made me a little nervous but it matched our criteria more than any other mainstream pram available. I did search for as many reviews as possible and only found good ones if that helps :)

I have the venicci tinum 2.0, used for my first baby and currently using for 2nd. The only downside is when folded and stored, it rests on the handle so the handle and all the metal frame is really badly scratched which is annoying because I paid £800 for the set and I would have liked to have sold it on but it’s really scratched! It does fold quite easy though and the wheels are nice and big so good if you live in the countryside like me

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