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My son’s father kind of hurt my feelings this morning maybe about 20 minutes after waking him. It was a “soft” comment about my parenting. And I had to really sit there and think to myself self, I do this all by my self. The cleaning,cooking and maintaince. What makes you think it’s okay to judge my way of parenting when don’t spend as much time with him and you wake up and you’re so relaxed, you can eat in peace, shower in peace take a shit for as long as your body needs too.. I know the difference in my son’s cry’s. I know when he getting tired, acting mean and cranky. A lot of the time a cat nap is genuinely the solution.. Idk if I was being emotional or what but this is all I do. And I feel like I have it down packed. So I was just taken back by the comment
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Any words of encouragement because at this point I’m don’t want to be with him anymore. Not only because of this but the dynamic of our relationship. I stay honestly for my son.

Express how how comment made you feel. People in relationships don't talk as much as they should about their feelings and how they'd prefer to be treated and that's a major problem. From what I understand, he hurt your feelings. Does he know he did? Did he intend to with that "soft" comment? If he's able to relax as he pleases, shower as he pleases, without the disturbance of a parent it sounds like you allowed that dynamic..and now it's bothering you, the bed you made. I say talk it out and find an amicable solution before deciding to call it quits.

Tell him exactly what you wrote it always works for me having zero filter and saying exactly how I feel it. Idk what type of personality your husband has but it’s important for him to understand the work it takes. Like Elon musk said the hardest job in the world is being a stay home mom.

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