Intimacy after episiotomy

Had an episiotomy 5 months ago and midwives/doctors have all said it was healing fine. I did have an appointment around 3 months PP due to light spotting from the area, which seemed to stop, but they mentioned I had some granulation tissue(?) Have tried having sex twice recently, with plenty of lube, but the pain gets way too much so we have to stop before we can even get started. I don't really know if it's a doctor thing or just need to persevere, but wondered if anyone else has had similar experiences with healing and pp intimacy struggles? 🙈
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I had the extra tissue growing that you mentioned which caused the wound to open up again slightly, I was referred to the perineal clinic and they used silver nitrate as treatment (very quick procedure). That could possibly be why there is still some discomfort though I'm not 100%. I would speak to your GP and see if they can refer you to a perineal clinic so they can have a proper examination of the area.

@Eline what is the silver nitrate and what is it used for? How was the procedure? cause I'm going to need my scar fixed/sewn back up

In the simplest way, it's burning off the extra tissue to prevent the wound from infection or further bleeding and so it can continue to heal properly basically. The silver nitrate is a chemical and at the clinic it's in the form of these small matchsticks, it does sting a little but it's a very quick procedure depending on how much tissue there is. I'm not sure if this would be used in your case if your scar needs to be re-stitched though as I didn't experience that.

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