Anyone have any tips or tricks on how to encourage my almost two month old to lift her head. She was born at 34 weeks and 5 days so she’s will be one month of gestation age but I’m concerned. She holds her head up some but I need a way to teach her to crawl.
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Wait wait wait. When do you think she should be able to crawl?

she's way too young to even begin thinking about crawling so there's no worry or rush. mama. my daughter didn't start lifting her head up during tummy time until after 3 months

Doctor told me to start encouraging her beings it’s going to be a long process and she doesn’t want her getting overly stimulated beings she was premature

you can do tummy time on your chest, o. your lap, or regular floor time. Just do that multiple times a day for 5 minutes if baby can handle that long. start at 1 minute and go longer stretches the more baby can tolerate. baby will lift her head when she's ready. Just continue with tummy time every day, multiple times a day

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