Baby shaking in belly

anyone had this? It’s not hiccups it’s like quick shaking my stomach shakes for like 4 seconds ??? 39 weeks never had this before
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I think I know what you mean, I read somewhere that it’s baby pulling on the umbilical cord!

I had this too, 38 weeks, 39 weeks tomorrow but don’t know what it means lol 😁 feels weird though, i’m glad you mentioned it as i was like… what is that 😬

@Lauren omg what!!! That sounds dangerous 😂

@Bianca it scared me quite alot I was like wtf is happening?!

He had this too. It stops though and turns into normal movements

I googled this once which suggested it was the baby's startle reflex. He has also been seen on scans playing with the cord too.

@Lu haha I’m sure it’s fine! 🤣

Yeah mine was doing this !!! Had to tell myself it’s fine but my brain wanted to panic

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