Braxton Hicks

Why do they say Braxton hicks are not painful? Because they are so uncomfortable 😂 I never had them with my first pregnancy but this time round they’re constant and they’re super uncomfortable!!
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Do you mind explaining what it feels like? Because I keep hearing this from so many girls and I can’t understand if I am having them or not. So around 8-9 times a day sometimes more I get baby bulging out pushed really hard stomach goes tight for ages and I struggle to breathe and then it stops Is that it?

Yes they are Braxton hicks. The more dull ones can feel like period pains too 😊

Tell me about it! It’s the period type cramping ones that sometimes get me. It isn’t excruciating or ‘omg I’m in so much pain’, no, but some are what I’d describe as ‘painful’ for sure

I have only experienced period cramps and have been so confused if these are braxton hicks because I heard they’re painless and just tightening of the stomach?!

@Cass they’re defo braxtons, I asked at my consultant appointment. Everybody experiences them differently though, as in, to varying degrees ☺️

Mine was uncomfortable at the start but they are now getting slightly painful but not unbearable and wayyy more frequent than before. It's quite rude really,would like to only be in pain when it's actually happening but noooo pregnancy likes to cause that bit extra for laughs 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ x

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