My toddler (17 months old) came out with a cold yesterday, and I put as many measures in place so my 2 month old wouldn't get it as I could, but this evening she's come out with something and she's not even had her 1st jabs yet (they're booked for tomorrow). I'm so worried about my babygirl... I don't even want to sleep tonight... Just wondering if anyone else has been through this or had a baby so young with a cold? I'm so anxious right now and could do with any wisdom or advice (Photo of my smiley girl so I don't get lost)
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My baby had a cold at around 7 weeks, it passed in about a day. She was just really snotty and sneezey but nothing too bad. Are you breast feeding? If so, you pass on antibodies that help baby fight viruses. Recommend getting some saline nasal spray to help with congestion ☺️

@Josie Yeah, I breastfeed... The main problem I'm having rn is that when she's laid on her back she's getting mucus or something blocking her airways or going down the wrong hole and she starts choking so I'm super worried I won't hear her coughing in my sleep 😢

My girl has bronchiolitis at a month old it was terrifying but she was okay, but very snuffly a lot afterwards for around 2 /3 weeks, she still gets the odd blocked nose so we use slime spray then the snot sucker :) x

Sorry your baby isn't well. My only advice is to talk to discuss the symptoms with the person giving the jabs tomorrow as I think they might want to reschedule to another time if she's already under the weather. Hope she feels better soon!

My bubba had a cold at 6 weeks so couldn't even give Calpol at that stage. Was horrible. Used saline nasal spray, did my best to clear the nose and just kept her warm/cool as I could. If breastfeeding there will be antibodies in the milk. So smelly baby kiss baby, skin to skin, put baby to boobs. Otherwise cuddles galore!

@Chelsea nasal spray will definitely help loosen it all up so she can sneeze all the mucus out

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