Hi everyone, This is going to be a weird one, possibly. I take progesterone every day, and I've noticed my discharge is now green. I did wonder if it was a side effect, but it isn't noted anywhere. So I'm guessing it's an infection, and I want to see someone about it. Who do I ring? My GP or the midwife? Any advice would be appreciated. Super anxious anyways, this doesn't make me feel better as I have heightened anxiety about loss
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Probably GP, but you could always ring triage for advice, but assume most midwives aren’t prescribers so GP would need to prescribe antibiotixs


I literally could have wrote this myself! I’m on pessarys twice a day but I only notice the green around an hour after I’ve taken each pessary not the rest of the day, I’ll ask my midwife at my next appointment but I’m thinking it’s more the casing of the progesterone as it’s very oily etc x

So the gp was grand and she agrees it's the pessary. We did some test anyway to be safe but she isn't overly concerned so feel much better

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