Feeling alone

Hi, I'm just wondering how do you stop feeling alone? Recently I have started feeling more lonely and fed up of having no friends, no one for play dates or anything, just honestly feel like everyday is the same routine, really don't know how to explain how I'm feeling.
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If you need someone I am here to talk to. It is hard and lonely at times but got to make everyday count. I tend to busy us with activities and different things that i find going on. I am single and on my own. Here for you hun if you want to talk xx

It's hard but you've just got to get out there. Go to playgroups, start conversations, and keep asking questions to get those friendships going. Message me if you want.

Am open if you ever wanna do something

@Bex I'm okay during the day it's more on a night where it hits me and I sort of think how lonely I am xx

@Gillian thank you we are going to our first play group on Friday which I guess is a step in the right direction x

@Jodie thank you x

Awww, good for you. It is so lonely, but getting out there really helps and the fresh air is great for you and baby. 90% of the posts on this group are about making friends and feeling lonely so you are not alone xx

Bless you I know it's hard. But brilliant if you are going to first play group definitely a step in right direction. I hope it goes well and you and baby love it. Always here if you want to chat. Evenings are difficult xx

I could of wrote this post myself, it’s really hard, I’ve not been to a play group yet but hoping to get to one soon to start getting out x

@Colleen I can't recommend groups enough! Getting out in the fresh air having some routine and being able to talk to other mums. The family hubs have some good classes on and take a look at churches. I'm not religious but I go to some in hessle and they are just lovely 😊

@Colleen we went to one with my friend and it was so good to actually get out x

@Gillian I went to the church one and everyone was asking for us to go back which was lovely x

Which one did u go to?

@Colleen it was the church on orchard park

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