It’s this tacky?

The boys birthday is coming up and I have alot of people reaching out asking what to get them. I created an event on Facebook and that’s how I did the party invite. Is it tacky to post a list of stuff I think they would like on the event page? I want to say something like they have enough but if you want to get them something here’s some ideas. Everything on the list is under $50 most being $30 and under. Thoughts? My husband says it’s rude to say you don’t need to bring a gift but I don’t want people to feel obligated
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IMO it’s tacky, but we have told people that gifts weren’t necessary, that their presence was gift enough. People normally still bring gifts though.

Not tacky and also not rude to say you don’t need to bring a gift! I made a wishlist for my kids on their bdays and christmas and mentioned that “they already have so many things but here’s some ideas” and made a wishlist on giftster (I think Babylist does birthday lists now). Honestly it makes it easier to get useful gifts, gifts that they don’t already have etc.

I made a Amazon wishlist that I share if anyone specifically asks. But it's more a living thing. I add to it and remove from it and have had it going since last year. Sometimes I also tell people things like "art supplies" or things like that rather than being really specific.

Make an Amazon list. I always appreciate when people make them so I know what they don’t already have. If people ask, send them the link

I don't see how it's rude to tell people they don't have to spend money. I made an Amazon list and then shared it on the event page. This year, I'm specifically asking for clothes, little people figures, and if somebody wants to get her something related to her birthday theme, then that's fine too!

I don’t think it’s rude. I know I like a list of what to get a kid that isn’t mine. Don’t want to waste my money on something they won’t like. People say that stuff all the time. That a gift isn’t necessary, but if you would like to bless them with one would be sweet!

Not tacky. Most everyone asks anyway, so putting it on the invitation makes sense. I do that every year for kids birthdays. I just always add something like 'gifts are always appreciated, but never expected'

Personally, I think it’s tacky to attend a party without a gift. I usually always include a registry with invites, some people use it, some don’t.

Not tacky! You can kinda say like your presence is gift enough however if you would like to bring a gift below are some ideas or attach an Amazon wish list. I keep an Amazon wish list for myself so I have ideas for birthday/Christmas so when people ask I just send that.

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