Aspergillus fungas

Need some advice or maybe someone on here has gone through a similar situation. My son has been dealing with aspergillus fungus since February we can't seem to get rid of it. We see a pattern of it going away for like 3ish days max each time but never fully gone. I have been consistent with his meds and have had him seen so many times I've lost count. It's been probably about 20 different Dr's not including about 3m of ent appointments every week to every 2/3w. He's had several ear cleaning ear drops antibiotics anti fungal and antifungal creams. I really can't list them all. I know for sure he's taken fluconazole 4x I believe and didn't budge it one bit. A ear flush mixed with several antifungals and it didn't do anything either. Here is a few pics and a small recap of what we're dealing with. Any information or advice is greatly appreciated. (He was at cooks childrens hospital from may16th-may18th seen a pediatric ent and dermatologist) (dermatologist said it's not fungus but it's escema 🤣🤦‍♀️🙄 ig 20 different Dr's are wrong and ur the right on on top of like 5 fungal tests saying same thing ) Current meds are Hydroxyzine for itching (& benadryl, zyrtech) Voriconazole for aspergillus fungas Mupirocin Mometasone furoate They cleaned his ears out on the 31st of may and his ears grew back with fungas by June 7th
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Ear nose and throat are connected. Try ert doctors and have them check throat nd nose something may be draining into the ear from there

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