Baby passports..

How can I get my LO’s passports if my BD refuses to give his passport details to complete their application?
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I don’t know how your country does it, but here in the US if one parent refuses to complete their part of the application then the other parent would just have to provide extra documentation to get it approved.

Hopefully I can do that as I asked him a week ago for the information and still hasn’t sent it. But wants to argue with me instead

You don’t need his passport details as long as you have yours that’s fine. Are you doing it online? I think you can just leave it blank, it’s been a couple months since I’ve done my sons now so can’t remember exactly.

I did my sons passport without any authorisation from dad, they just asked for baby’s birth certificate and one of the parents birth certificates, I just sent off my BC and my sons with no letter providing an explanation about dad approval and I got the passport within 3 weeks after sending off all relevant documents. Please feel free to dm for more info (I’m UK based)

Thanks for the Info ladies. This has put me at some much ease, as I had a feeling he would take the piss with giving the information xx

My baby dad isn’t around so I couldn’t add his details of course so I just left them blank with just mine so I presume you can do the same?

In AZ. My husband had to have a signed and notarized document from me to get our littles passport.

I’m in the US so different laws lol

I did my daughters recently without her dad’s info attached. Leave that section blank. I done hers a couple weeks ago and had no issues with it.

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