I went to the mall Friday, to get my son some summer clothes. I went into a candy store and as I was checking out , one of my twins had her hand on the glass. As she was reaching for the candy, the employee hit my daughter’s hand as if she was hitting a fly. I need some advice.
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What did you do on Friday?

@Raquel I was going to beat her a$ But I filed a report with security.

That's a good idea to file a report with security, MGMT of the store, and most importantly, you need to put the complaint in WRITING to corporate

File a complaint with security, with the local police, call and speak to manager, leave a comment on their Google page of what happened and all the steps you took and follow ups so far, as well as their Instagram and their TikTok if they have one, and contact their corporate office too. As well as the mall’s corporate office or headquarters since those stores do have rules they have to follow and the mall still can be held accountable. Drop the address and name, It’d be good to get people to leave comments on their Google and other pages to know they have employees who hit children. Sometimes it the only way to get things done. I have issues leaving a comment

Definitely in the process of suing the store for emotional stress! My kids are not good mentally. My son has anxiety and he’s a nervous wreck. I already took off 2 days. And my twins are petrified to go into any store.

@Wendi sugar bear candy store in the Roosevelt field mall. And the owner is a MOM! I spoke with her as well. Soon as I mentioned make me an offer, she stopped communicating with me. Was definitely trying to resolve without any lawyers first. But now I’m going to have to take legal action.

You was checking out, your child had their bare hands taking out candy, and you're attempting to sue for emotional distress? Where were you? Do you recognize your input to keep your kids with you and safe? Did you lack supervision? Not to be shady, but as a parent, you do have a duty.

@Raquel that’s not what I said. Read !

@Raquel I was checking out. My daughter was right beside me. There was no candy to take out. There was a bag of candy at the top of the glass. My daughter went reaching for it as I’m paying and the lady went to SMACK HER HAND AND HIT HER !

I did read. I can see you're getting upset by my questions, so relax. If your post was unclear, that's fine. She was reaching for the candy you were online to pay for what you had already chosen? What glass was her hand on? Because I'm used to the glass being to cover the candy....

@Raquel girl you for sure are trying to aggravate. This women was clear in her post, you legit came talking about “you have a duty” even if there was no supervision, no one should be hitting kids that aren’t theirs. a simple no, or don’t do that would have sufficed.

@Elizabeth can’t get their Google page, still looking. But I have left comments on the IG page, their IG threads page, and the leasing agent who signed them the store. It seems this is one of their newest locations just opened in February. Gotta make these people answer us. Nobody is hitting our babies!!!

@Raquel here we go with the shady a$ responses again 🙄

@Wendi thank you ! It doesn’t come up for garden city,NY. but i believe it may come up for Brooklyn, or nj.

@Raquel girl shut up already !

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@Wendi thank you so much I appreciate you.

Ohh no that would piss me he F off ! Because why are you smacking my child’s hands ? I would have smacked her back! And when the cops came I would have just said well I thought that’s how we do things in this store , just smack first and talk later . And @RaquelRaquel relax girl ! She not sueing you 😅 seems like you got triggered as soon as she mention sueing , calm down it’s not your money .

@Wendi sure it would piss someone off but suing for emotional distress is a stretch

@Elizabeth ok I'll shut up but you came online asking for advice and get triggered when you get advice? Got it

@RISA you can relax as well because I wasn't offering you advice....

@Raquel that’s your opinion. Just because you would t doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a right to.

@Wendi it's a given it's my opinion... aren't ALL the comments... opinions??

@Raquel 🙄🙄🙄🙄 No offense but you sound like you are miserable

@Wendi none taken. 😍

Idgaf you don’t out your hands on nobody’s kids regardless of the situation . Sueeeeee or beat her ass I’ll help you 😊

@Naomi I’m trying to find a lawyer that wld take on this case.

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