Sex after birth

I am almost 12 weeks postpartum after having my second child. I had VBAC which resulted in the use of forceps so I had an episiotomy cut and also two internal second degree tears. Tonight I finally tried to have sex with my partner and we had to stop. Foreplay was fine and there was no need for lube as I was good on that front but when he tried to go in I felt huge discomfort particularly towards my left hand side so we stopped. My episiotomy is fine and doesn’t hurt but I think the internal stitching is the problem, has anyone had a similar experience and eventually been fine? 😞
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Hey I had forceps and an Episiotomy with a 2nd degree injury. We waited till 12 weeks before we had sex but we had the same had to stop it was so painful the first time. I even went to the Dr about it as every time we tried it hurt and had to find a way that it was okay. The Dr helped and also gave me a name but the fix kinda came down to keep trying and relax. They did say they can refer if it doesn't get better in time. We tried different ways and just took things slow. 7 months pp now and it's very rare now that it's uncomfortable. It'll take time but you'll get there. Don't be too hard on yourself ☺️

I hurt for months where I had scar tissue. It eventually went away.

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