Bleeding after sex after HSG?

Had an HSG (dye test to check tubes) a few weeks back due to PCOS and referral to fertility support. Recently have been experiencing spotting the day after sex for a day or two, never experienced this before, and wondered if it was related? Has anyone experienced this? Could the dye test be causing more spotting now? Only other ‘new’ thing is I have started taking Inofolic for the inositol recommended for PCOS. Could this be contributing to spotting instead? Incase it’s relevant, I do not ovulate and have very long cycles as a result - past two have been ‘fake’ and brought on by provera, firstly for going over 100 days so brought on for endometrial protection, and secondly to bring one on to be able to do the HSG.
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I would say the spotting could be occurring due to the Inofolic. I only had spotting/bleeding, on the same day after i had my HSG completed and then it went away. I remember I tried Inistol or however you spell it lol and after a couple weeks, i began to have spotting and started a bleed that lasted weeks so im not sure if the supplement caused it or not but it did occur while taking it

That’s interesting, thank you. I did wonder if it could be related to the inofolic and entirely unrelated to sex, it’s not after every time we have sex it definitely seems more random 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ll mention it to the consultant when I next see him and see what his view is too

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