I have just found out that my daughter has been offered a place at nursery, she won’t be starting till January or spring, unsure yet still waiting on a letter. I thought I’d be over the moon but my stomach has sank a little. I know she is more than ready to be in nursery and be around children her age but the other part of me wants to just break down in tears that my baby is growing up. I’m due my second in September as well so I don’t think the hormones are helping! Anyone feel a bitter sweet feeling to start nursery🥲
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I’m an so scared for my lo to go to nursery she goes to a childminders now and loves it there but I feel like an actual school is going to be so much different and I’m probably more scared than she will be but I feel like it’s such a big thing x

@Megan honestly I’ve not stopped crying since I found out, I’ve been a sahm with her since she was born. I think the fact my second baby is due then to hear she’ll be starting nursery it just feels like my baby is no longer my baby and she’s growing up so quick. The tears just keep coming 🥲🥲 x

Yeah exactly same , I have put off getting the application done because I just really do t want it to happen , she need to go but I’m dreading it xx

My LB has been going for a year now and it still feels so sad sometimes 😩

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