Losing hope

It’s been 4 depressing years and one miscarriage and I I’ve mostly lost hope and seeing a post today from a woman that says she has been trying 13yr and she finally got pregnant and she had a miscarriage. I already gave up tracking because it didn’t seem like it made a difference and my period stopped being regular I just got my period today and my period before that was in April so tracking isn’t even a option anymore
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Hi Lovely, don't give up hope. I was told I had pcos at 12. From 16 onwards was told I was infertile. I gave up trying at 30 (am 36 now). Then last year out of the blue I missed a period. Put it down to pcos as was common with me but nope I was pregnant and she is now laying next to me asleep. Don't give up hope. Speak to doctor and see whether they can test and see what is wrong. I think with me I got to the point where if it happens it happens if not I am getting another dog and baby girl stopped that lol 😅 But sending you massive hugs and if you need ro chat send me a private message, am always around for a conflab. X

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