Off days

The last little while I have been having days where I don’t want to mum I just want 5 minutes to myself or even some time to myself without hearing mum and mummy every 2 minutes or people needing something from me or something needing done that isn’t for myself is this normal to feel this way ?
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It's absolutely normal. Being a mum is a lot sometimes. I find I'm balanced because I spend three days a week at work and every so often leave our little boy with his dad and meet friends for the day. If I didn't do those things I'd really struggle mentally.

Yes 100%. I love my son and my daughter fiercely and would do anything for them but sometimes you just need a little bit of space. Usually feel similar to this every day at 4pm 😂

I work nights so I am left with my little boy all day on my own and only get help one day a week

Damn sometimes I feel like every day. Sometimes it’s just such hard work x

I am 100% ready for bedtime by 7pm daily. I also love weekdays when he's in childcare, I am fortune to work flexi hours so I usually drop him off or hubby takes him at 8.15 n I start work at 9.30. We are also stull blessed with a 2hr sat nap 😴. It's 100% normal I did not want to be a mum at 3.30-4am when he was singing nursery ryhmns and shouting.

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