Whats everyone wearing for deodorant?

I've always used secret sport and have always felt that it worked. Lately Ive been noticing its not lasting as long. I dont know if its a combination of hormones and just it being 100+ degrees where we live but I feel like I'm reapplying 4+ times a day. 23.5 weeks along
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I use degree or secret clinical strength for both. They help but not much in 100 degrees

I wear dove spray deodorant

Only thing that helped me (especially pp) was rexona clinical strength.

Mens Gillette cool wave women's don't work for me

I started using glycolic acid (from the Ordinary on a cotton pad) before putting on antiperspirant after showering and the reduction of BO has been amazing! I feel like I’ve been so stinky PP.

A little technique I have learned that work well is showering with dawn soap… the take alcohol and wipe under my arms then apply my deodorant. I was using degree but started using secret.

use stridex in the red box under your arms before you apply deodorant. kills the bacteria and prevents it from growing

I’ve been using Lume deodorant, lasts all day and then some


Zionhealth claydry - it works so well

I use old spice lavender or alpine they don't smell manly but work great

I use native. Using anything with aluminum is bad for baby

Dove deodorant

I like lume brand

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