Hello, enjoying my grands in Kentucky

Hey ladies! Any grandmas?
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Hello from NJ. One grandson. They live 6 hours away! Love being a mom mom

I am Mimi to my 8 grands, they are my favorite people ever!

Wow 8!!! That's so awesome!! Kids are so funny. My grandson cracks me up. He will be starting kindergarten in the fall

I love their take on life! I also have one that starts kindergarten this fall

They are amazing. He's too smart for his own good! I love seeing the world through his eyes

He got into a little trouble at school, nothing major. My daughter was telling me about it. My grandson walks in from school and she says mom mom is on the phone, do you want to say hello. He's says yes, but I'm not telling her about school. Omg I couldn't stop laughing

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