Hormones imbalanced

Hiya girls. I have 2 under 2 (20 month old and 6 month old) I have been feeling super fatigued lately (not from not sleeping). Just my body feels awful. I've had bloods and they're all fine but was suggested it could be my hormones. I'm just wondering if anyone took any supplements or any herbal remedies and found a difference? Thank you ❤️
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Ashwaghanda and maca powder! I took both religiously postpartum and it honestly healed me. I had 2 under 2 and now expecting baby #3, stocking up on it already😅

I've been looking at Rheal hormone balance powder it's meant to be good but have ordered gummies off of Amazon to try first and I have been taking ashwaghanda

Thanks girls, I'll have a look in to them! Can I ask how it's made a difference to you? Xx

@Megan i tried rheal it was amazing and defo worth it!! Only reason i cancelled was because i moved to Spain but i definitely recommend!! Xx

I just felt a lot more energetic, no more fatigue or mood swings. Sex drive went back to pre pregnancy rate. My skin glowed again and i just felt more inside my body instead of autopiloting through life! I really recommend sea moss too, it is high in iodine and helps thyroid function, amazing for the gut too. i have been on it now since first pregnancy and the list of benefits is unreal. Ive got all my family and friends on it😌 really good for little ones too.

Jumping on this post as I feel the same! Any recommendations I’ll try!!

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