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hey y’all, I’m new to the app. I really need some tips or advice on how to b more feminine when life has done nothing but make you a warrior. I find that it’s hard to be feminine when I’m always overstimulated and don’t have enough time in the day to worry about me… any tips or tricks y’all use to feel, look and think like a grown woman with her mind right..?
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Yasss! I love this question. Being in touch with yourself and finding your inner peace gave me my femininity back. Self care and self love. Learning to let go of negative emotions and having better verbal communication helped me personally. But knowing that your strength doesn’t make you any less feminine is important too. 🥰

for me it’s doing something i genuinely enjoy!! i bake so when im stressed ill make a messy recipe so i can spend a lot of alone time cooking and cleaning. its that reset for me that affirms i can make something awesome and still handle the mess/challenges. ik its dumb but it’s honestly helped me. another thing is doing mt best to do the healing from the moments that made me a warrior (which looks different for EVERYONE!!) for me it was focusing on cutting off things i put above myself and reading my bible more, for the next person it could be finding the time to workout or just sit in their thoughts and do some deep breathing, just try stuff and just do what works for you🫶

@Sarah I love this reply , thank you so much for also letting me know that strength doesn’t make me less feminine

@Alicia Garnette thank you for your advice I will definitely take it and use it.

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