Utrogestan & irregular periods

I’m on everol 100 + Utrogestan days 15-28 but my periods are irregular eg I’m supposed to be on day 15 today but my period has come early this happens every few months so my question is how to take the Utrogestan when period is irregular obviously there’s no point taking today as I’m actually on day 1 of my new cycle if anyone has any advice that would be great Tia
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I have had no periods but am on evorel and U! On Day 70 now ...

Appreciate that this is not helpful for you - sorry!

Hello 🙂 Just carry on taking it as normal and ignore your period for these purposes 🙂 🩷

Hi ime pretty similar I was told by my specialist to take on the same day every 28 days so I take mine on a Sunday then take it on a Sunday 28days later x

@Jenny - am I understanding correctly that you're only taking progesterone one day a month, or have I totally got that wrong‽ 🙂🩷

No I take it on a Sunday for 12 days two tablets of an evening x I take oestragel too x

@Sharon thank you I thought I should count today as day 1 again & skip taking it this month glad I asked it’s a minefield this perimenopause 😔

@Joanna - no problem 😊 Lots of prescribers now just advise taking two weeks on then two weeks off so it's less confusing! Especially when periods are unpredictable... I run M-brace The Change Menopause Support groups, and we have one here on Peanut. There's loads of evidence-based information there on all sorts of menopause stuff 🙂🩷

Here we are: https://www.peanut-app.io/share/UrgeeF6Rhib

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