Acupuncture with IVF

Has anyone coupled acupuncture with IVF? Did it work? How often did you go? And did you buy Chinese Herbal Tea as well?
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There’s no strong evidence for or against acupuncture. If you have the money there’s no harm in trying but don’t break the bank for it. Those teas are not well regulated (in USA or CA) and could contain just about anything. Stick to safer evidence based options.

My Accupunture was great! Did it mean our ivf worked first time - who knows! But it made me feel good, I liked talking to the lady about my journey so it was sort of therapy too. I had weekly sessions from when I started talking my drugs and then on transfer day I had a session before and a session after then weekly until I was 3 mths pregnant. It was expensive but I put a lot through my private healthcare and just sucked up the cost. I will do it for my next ivf round for sure

The data it can help isn’t really conclusive (unless you have a diagnosed issue like low bloodflow to the uterus) and is easy to poke holes in the studies. I wouldn’t do it unless you find it relaxing. I couldn’t do it with my first successful transfer because it was in 2020 and they were shut down for Covid. I did do it in 2022 with my daughters cycle so I don’t believe it was a make it or break it situation.

It did work for me, and it was worth trying, but my advice is to look for an acupuncturist trained in fertility because the treatment needs to be within your cycle. Check with your clinic; they may recommend someone.

I did fertility-specific acupuncture with IVF. Not sure if it made a difference, but it was nice and relaxing. FWIW, I had a baby on the first cycle, first embryo transfer! I tried just acupuncture plus herbal teas for fertility for a few months before any medical treatments and did not get pregnant, but I think it may have made my periods more regular 🤷🏻‍♀️ The tea smelled like sweaty socks and ass though, I would not recommend it.

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