Help! Leaving baby?!

I really need advice! We have just been invited to my best friends surprise engagement party tonight; her partner has literally just sprung it on us and asked if we can come. My little boy is EBF and is almost a month old. I have given him a bottle once when I was really unwell and couldn’t breastfeed for the day, but since then he’s only had boob. He took the bottle immediately luckily! My partner has suggested leaving him with his parents and expressing for the evening as it doesn’t start until 8pm and I don’t think we will be back until around midnight. I am worried that he will be having quite a few bottles back to back. Will this affect him latching back onto me? I also have the worst mum guilt for leaving him :(
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My daughter is a month old and has been combo fed since birth, she has mam bottles, tommee tippee bottles, ready made bottles and breast and she's fine but every baby is different I don't believe one night will effect him really and if he's having bottle he'll probably have 2 maybe 3 at most as he can get more at one time I went for a meal with my partner and we were gone for about 2/3 hours 2 weeks after she was born honestly it's better to do it whilst theyre a bit younger sometimes so they don't get separation anxiety and they can be with family and things as they get older to give you a little break. I think the biggest issue with going is you might get a bit uncomfortable if you can't pump or anything but if you take it with you? As before every baby is different so it could affect his latch but highly unlikely xx

@Caitlin the bottles he had was the ready made aptimal ones that come with a teat as I didn’t have anything expressed at the time. I have got a tommee tippee bottle that is anti reflux for newborns so I hope it’s okay for him. Would you recommend trying it before I leave him tonight to take sure he takes the bottle? C

@Caitlin and yes I’ll take my pump with me! Xx

@Chloe yeah if you want to try it before you go cause I know with my daughter she can sometimes be picky with which she prefers so if he is used to boob it might take him a minute to get used to it, tommee tippee are supposed to be best for breast fed babies as the teat is more like a nipple than others so good bottle to use if that helps to reassure too? Xx

Every baby is different, you’ll just have to find out. Even if baby forgets to latch afterwards, just spend time trying to get baby to latch properly again. The important thing is that baby is getting the feeds they need. if my 5 week old daughter has more than 1 bottle in a row she mostly forgets how to latch, but it mostly takes about 30 mins or so for her to learn to latch again.

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