Early labour?

My due date is tomorrow and I’ve had no other signs of early labour (loss of mucus plug, more/softer bowel movements etc) but since last night I’ve started having cramping which feels a bit like period cramps, is it possible for this to be the first/only sign?
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I've had this for 4 days on and off, currently 40 weeks and 1 day 🙄 not had any loss yet but have been having more frequent bowel movements (tmi) 🤣

i had absolutely no signs at all with my first! had a sweep at 39+2, didnt lose mucus plug, bowels were as normal, no cramping apart from back pain, woke up at 2am 39+3 and my waters just went. sometimes there is no signs !! but youll definitely know when contractions start xx

I’ve been having back pain and period like cramps as well as contractions on and off for over a week now but still no other sign of baby. Yesterday I had a check up and I was 1cm dilated and was told it sounds like latent labour but it doesn’t mean anything really. It could last a few hours, days or weeks

i am 41 weeks today and had no signs what so ever up to last night where my back was in pain all night and wouldnt settle down or go. So i started timing them at 6:30am and it the pain slowly crept round to my lower belly which is now cramping. I seemed to have pinkish brownish show yesterday and last night so i reckon thats mucus plug or bloody show and last night also went for so many wee’s which isnt normal for me. So i rang midwife this morning and she said if the pain ramps up to ring back. I think i have something called back labour. So i’d say get a contraction app and time each time they happen so you know how long and how far apart because until its about 5 mins apart lasting around 1 min then there is no need to go in.

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