My daughter said she hated me

My 4 year old daughter said she hated me. I fell pregnant at 16 had her at 17 I did pregnancy by my self. Her farther wanted to come back into her life after she was born we arnt together havnt been since before I fell pregnant and now she goes to her dads for weekends and I hadn't spoken to her over the phone and I gave her a call and she didn't want to talk to me she screamed and said she hated me and just didn't want anything to do with me. When she comes back home from his she doesn't even seem happy too see me I feel so lost those words cut me so deeply and I can't stop crying 😭
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Yo that’s so tough! Be kind to yourself ❤️ I hope you can talk to her once she’s calm she’s probably going a transitional period and cannot communicate/ articulate fully given she’s soo young give her time she will come around once she’s ready. I wish you the best!

Remember she is four years old. You are the mother ! Kids at that age say a lot of things to test boundaries. Stay calm, show love and communicate. She will find something else to hate. ❤️

She’s 4. Ask her what it is that made her that upset for her to say that, and you will try to rectify it next time. It’s also the school holidays, there are lots of things to do and lots of places to take her, ask her where she wants to go what she wants to do, to make a her a lil happier when she does get home. But also ask her, what did mummy do to make you upset, what made you say that? If I asked my 4yr old that he will tell me specifically what it was that I did so next time I can try to rectify it. My boy has also told me he’s hated me - when I was dropping him off at kinder 😂 he hates kinder. He’d rather come out w me. So I didn’t take it to heart. Both our kids are 4, we’re both in Melb. If you ever wanna meet at the museum or Scienceworks or you wanna take her somewhere and you don’t have anyone to invite, gimme a buzz girl. You’re a bit up further than me but we can always go somewhere around city area. Landing playcentre in Bundoora is also a great place, we go there often.

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