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Hi lovelies, I’m making my way through my baby buying list and have a few things left or buy that I need your advice on: 1. Room diffuser/humidifier - I’ve seen one on Asda with a night light, did you all get one? 2. Medicines - which items should I stock up on that baby might need? 3. I’ve bought a few sleep bags and swaddles, how many should I buy of each tog or size? 4. Formula - I’m planning to breastfeed but which formula would touch recommended as back up? Thank you ☺️ x
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I have a humidifier but I got gifted it from a friend 🙂 Medicines: teething powder and Calpol for when U need it U will need 2 of each size swaddle so when 1 is in wash u can use the other x

Also to add to above not all babies like to be swaddled so swaddles are not an absolute must Nurofen is also quite handy after 3 months so that it can be alternated with Calpol if needed (or can sometimes be more effective as for example for teeth) A saline nasal spray may be also handy to have :)

1- we wouldn't use a humidifier there's no need in the UK it's already a really humid country! And especially given the problems with damp and mould most houses have I wouldn't want to add any extra moisture into the room. 2- calpol 2months+ or own brand equivalent 3- depends how cold the room is where baby will sleep. But you only need 2 at once (one in the wash, one on baby is a good rule) so have a look at some charts online about tog vs temperature 4- whichever you can get easily in the middle of the night locally to you 😂 if you're intending to breastfeed just buy 1 box of ready made formula and put in the back of the cupboard, but make sure it's one that is easily available to you constantly

1. Never bought humidifier 2. I got Calpol just before the first vaccines 3. Always had one sleep bag for each size, but if they have a poopy blow out, I would wash it first thing and make sure it dries again for the night. So maybe 2 is just easier. 4. All the formula milk for law are required to have the same ingredients. So I went for the cheapest. But if you are planning to bf, I would say don't buy any. Of you are struggling, Your partner can just pop out and find some formula in any super market. As a second time mum I would say, don't over buy. I know you are excited, but stay minimal and buy the things you need as you go.

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