I am 39+5 and went in for reduced movements last night. I went in as I’ve been moving house this week and I hadn’t been focusing on baby as I was so busy and yesterday, I just felt her less. I wanted a bit of reassurance I went back this morning as there was no doctor available last night and he said let’s induce. He said this as 2 weeks ago, her weight dropped under the 10th percentile. However the consultant and midwives at the time explained it was the femur length and bones don’t shrink, so most likely it’s an incorrect measurement. I asked the doctors what’s the medical need for an induction and he said the measurement tailing off and the reduced movement. I know I didn’t want an induction based off my previous which was such a long process. I just don’t know whether I am making the right decision, he mentioned the risk of waiting for a natural birth is a stillbirth. Idk I feel torn. I dont want to risk anything happening to baby and feel so undecided
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I don't see the need for inducing if the baby and mama are both okay right now? The doctors shouldn't always pull the "stillbirth" card🤡

It’s a difficult one, I was in your boat last week at 38+1. They offered to induce based on reduced movements, but no official medical diagnosis suggesting danger so I declined and booked in for induction tomorrow at 39w. The movements picked up a bit more since so I’m starting to wonder about waiting it out for a bit longer. There are positive stories out there, but I’m aware of the risks and worried that labour is gonna be longer/more painful and putting ourselves into further distress if my body isn’t quite there yet. Not to say that I won’t go for it, I might do if I’m having doubts again/nearer to 40w. It’s a hard decision- trust your intuition and there’s no right/wrong in your decision- we have no way of knowing what will happen!

I’ve had a few worries in terms of reduced movement but it’s more my anxiety then baby actually not moving, so I started tracking each day making sure I felt him throughout and it’s made me much more relaxed and now I feel him more I think because I’m less stressed and not tensed about it. Last time I went in doctor said induction at 39 weeks but I declined, am nearly 40 now. If I have any more genuine concerns than I will go in again and asked to be induced but we are doing well at the moment x

I am having induction due to reduced movements. I am just doing what I think is best for the baby, as also my midwife said still birth if I don’t induce is higher risk. 😳 I’m 40 weeks

I've been told I can have an induction due to going in for reduced movements twice, but for me the baby has a mad couple of days then a quiet one occasionally... I think that's just it's pattern, but always makes me nervous. I've had doppler US which are fine and I'm on growth scans anyway... in relation to growth scans... my first was 7th percentile, my 2nd was 49th and 3rd was 75th this week, I'm 37 weeks on friday... the midwife didn't seem concerned and she reckoned the first measurement was wrong, if baby was at a funny angle or something (and GTT test was -ve)... at the end of the day you can always ask for more monitoring rather than an induction then change your mind if anything starts to concern you... that's what I'm planning on doing as alot of the testing they do has a margin of error and interpretation and ofcourse a born baby is the ultimate goal so for Dr's they tend to err on the side of caution even if the chances of something going wrong is only 0.02% rather than 0.01%... xx

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