Antenatal Home health visitor

Has anyone got an antenatal home health visitor? If so, could you share what it’s about? I just got a letter for my appointment next month and I am confused as never heard of it.
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My first child’s health visitor offered me one when I took my 2 year old for a check up she said it just to talk about how your feeling and if you want any additional support with anything etc she said it’s not a long appointment and it’s like a new thing they do now 🤷🏻‍♀️ I just said yes I’m comfortable with her and she’s been my first child’s health visitor for over 2 years now so I’m happy she’ll be involved with second. Bare in mind u can decline the appointment x

Health visitors are assigned to pregnant people to come and do a visit to chat and get to know you. Discuss things like safe sleep, feeding, offer support for mental health and things like that. Mine was amazing when I had my first and helped me arrange therapy for my traumatic birth, tongue tie appointments for my little one, doctors appointments for her cmpa, a cleaning service that can help and so on. A lot of people don’t find them beneficial and I think it depends where you are based but it’s meant to be a support line for you and baby. They also do development reviews to make sure baby is roughly hitting milestones when they need to. You should be able to find more about it on the nhs

I had mine on Monday, she basically went through mental health, similar questions to the first appointment with the midwife. How I’m wanting to feed baby, if I knew about CHINS, safe sleeping etc. A lot of it is just so they can introduce themselves and you feel more comfortable when baby is here to have them visit x

Are you supposed to have these booked in Because I haven't had anything like this. I'm 31 weeks + 3 days.

@Jessie I never had one with my son, I only had one once baby was here. It might depend on area but ask if you’re interested in talking to someone!

@Jessie You will get a letter through at some point. Some come before baby is born and some come after. Mine will be coming two weeks after baby is born

I will ask he midwife to see when they are supposed to come. At the moment, I am still working and probably be inconvenient. Plus, the baby room isn't even done yet.

@Jessie they never checked the room baby will be in I think they mainly do that postpartum to check for safe sleeping. It’s not essential if you have work!

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