Has your husband close the nostrils of your baby?

My husband is Turkish, and I don't know if it is something cultural, but I find so dangerous and scary that he wants sometimes to close the nostrils of our 5 month baby hi did for first time when she was 1 week and he did for second time today, in both times I said to him that I don't like it and he excuses the first time he said that he was trying to calm her as she was crying and today, he said that he was playing. I'm wrong, or it is so scary and also wrong
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Sounds horrific, demand him to stop. It would probably make the baby upset as they breathe through their nose. I’m sure your husband would love his head dunked in water without his consent

Your husband is an absolute idiot!! Who the fuck holds close the nose of a baby??? The only reason you would do that is to stop them breathing!! It’s definitely NOT a cultural thing! How would gasping for air make a baby stop crying?? If anything, it would terrify them even more and lead to more crying! Who told him this nonsense??? Tell him in no uncertain terms to cut that shit out and if you catch him doing it again you’ll be leaving him because WTF, imagine what else he’ll do when you’re not around 😐 What next, hand over mouth AND hold nose? Shaking baby to get them to stop crying? Slaps? Where does it end?

Babies don’t learn to breathe through their mouths until they are around 4 months old. That doesn’t sound cultural to me (glad to be corrected if I’m wrong) just dangerous and very concerning behaviour. Of course closing off her nose will stop her crying, because she CANT breathe!

You have every right to be worried and upset. Babies cry and there’s so many other safe ways to get them to relax.

What the fuck… Young babies don’t develop the reflex to breathe through their mouths until they’re a few months old, so closing their nostrils as a very small infant would literally stop her from breathing?! Incredibly dangerous and irresponsible. 5 months old your baby would instinctively breathe through her mouth if she couldn’t breathe through her nose. But why on earth would he want to do that to her?!

Sorry but if my husband did that he’d be getting a knife to the throat 🤷‍♀️

This is so dangerous and disturbing!

So wrong and cruel. Surely he isn’t that stupid? Honestly, I would be careful leaving him alone with baby it that’s his instinct?! What happens when your baby has a meltdown and won’t stop crying, because it will happen! Wtf

WTF? This has nothing to do with his culture. I've never heard of this from anyone, I'm Turkish. You can't leave him alone with your baby in my opinion!

Omg this is terrifying! There is no way I'd leave him alone with baby, especially as this has occurred more than once and you've already expressed concerns against it.. in fact if my husband done this, me and baby would leave him and I'd probably call the police.. protect your baby at all costs xx

This is a form of abuse get him away from your baby. Holding babies nose closed is used to stop a baby or person breathing.

Omg!!!! WTF!!! That’s abuse!!

I accused him of child protection, and they had visited us to make sure he would not do it again, thanks everyone for your support

Sophia, I'm sorry to hear that. It is not good for your son to be yelled at. It is not normal behavior, I understand that you are uncomfortable with that. It is not okay that your child learning to yell and being yelled at is normal. When a child is yelled at, they may feel hurt, scared, and sad. If this happens frequently, it may affect the mental health of the child, causing deeper psychological issues such as depression or anxiety. Depression can lead to self-destructive actions, such as drug abuse, risky sexual activity, or suicide attempts.

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