Loving life 🩵

Is anyone else trapped trapped right now? Makes me sad to think one day they won't need contact naps anymore 🥺💞
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@Bee this looks cosy 🥰 I am not even trying to put my boy in his bed 😃

@Nikita bless him 💙 My boy was quite poorly after the jabs, even Calpol wasn't helping 😭 dreading second dose of menB 😔

So far we’ve been lucky that he just wants to sleep but I am worried that he’ll wake up with a vengeance 😵

Nap trapped whilst my toddler sleeps in his bed.. this is rare and wonderful! 🥰

@Nikita He should be fine 🥰 mine had a fever and different type of cry pretty much straight away 😢

@Alex awww look at this content face 🥰

@Sharon everything else can wait 😍 I am sure they grow out of sleeping on their mamas so we should just enjoy it while it lasts 🫠

@Katie I put him in a bouncer for 10 mins, had so much done in this time it's amazing 🙈 he didn't even mind me hoovering around 😄 back to contact napping 🫠

@Daria im scared of moving hahaha! 😭🙈

What a beautiful napping babies we have 🥰 does anyone else keep smelling their head? The best smell in the world 🙊

@Shareace this is just cuteness overload 🥰

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