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Hey February mummy’s! I was just wondering how many naps and how long your little ones are having in a day? My LB is 19 weeks today and has roughy 4 naps in a 24 hour period anywhere from an hour to two hours at each one. Someone told me he’s sleeping to much in the day, so I was just wondering what other babies sleep patterns are around his age! He does sleep through the night (10-8) so I’m guessing him sleeping in the day is what he needs. Picture of my little one so I don’t lose the post
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Don’t break something that’s not broken! Sounds like he just likes his sleep!

Do what works for you, he’s absolutely gorgeous! My daughter is now 19 weeks and has naps that total between 4 and 6 hours. She does have one long nap that can be over 2 hours but that is mainly because she also has lots of little naps of 20 minutes ish! I’m starting to ignore the only have x amount of naps and up to x hours per day because my daughter is sleeping through and seems to cope fine with the day naps too!

I think as a society we’re so fixated on our babies behaving by the book. Babies aren’t born with manuals and are all individual like we are!

My girl is 5 months on 19th and does 2/3 30 to 45 min naps and sometimes sleeps through sometimes wakes 2 times overnight. Everyone’s different I wouldn’t try fix what’s not broken!

Do what works for you. My little one naps for anywhere between 10 minutes & 4 hours! But tends to sleep from 8-5 at night!

@Laura not related but our girlies have the same birthday 🩷

My little girl is 5 month soon and she hates naps she naps about 3 times for 20 minutes but sleeps all night long

Thank you everyone! I’m just gonna let him continue he’s always liked him sleep and I don’t want to ruin that. Note to self don’t listen to other people telling me I’m doing things wrong 🙃x

All babies are different, and if he’s sleeping in the night as well then there’s no problem! My little boy (20 weeks) has 4 naps in the day, ranging from 20 mins to 2 hours and is yet to sleep through🤣

My baby has about the same amount of sleep. He usually has one long three out nap and two shorter ones ❤️ he still sleeps well at night so I’m not worried about it xx

My baby has a nap around an hour and half after his bottle- he can sleep from 30 mins to 2.5 hours and has around 4 a day too so sounds like my little one x

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