When do we get energy again 😭

I was told near the end you suddenly get your energy back and want to nest I’m 34 weeks and have NOOO energy 🥲is it just a myth bec I have so much to prepare but no energy to do it
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You’ll get a burst of energy right before labour starts 😅

Honestly never happened for me with my first and it’s still not happened this time either so I don’t believe it😂 I’m the same, so much to do but no energy

Don’t know if it’s a myth or not but I found I had more energy from 37 weeks, considering I have barely been sleeping in quite full of energy! 38+1 so fingers crossed that you get some energy 🤞🏻 x

I have more energy after my afternoon nap 🤣 it usually lasts up to an hour and then back to the usual exhaustion

@Barbara yes same I get let 20/30 mins energy then that’s it 😂😂

It’s a myth! 😂 never happened with my first and not happening with my second so far

I’ve been sleeping so much idk. I’m just about 37 weeks

I have to put my baby’s crib together, dresser together 🥲 & organize after that. I’m potty training a puppy and a toddler. I am losing it over here 😂😂😂 I try to wait until late at night but I end up falling asleep bc my day is just so long. My finance is working out of state

@Liz I admire you so much. When I get too tired I cry.😭

Both my pregnancies I started getting restless and feeling the need to nest at 38 weeks. This time round it has absolutely wiped me out doing it so I wouldn't say my energy levels are particularly high but I've got a hell of a lot of cleaning done in the last week 🤣🤣

I literally have the babys room to do iv still not decorated cause iv just moved into a new house and i literally cried today walking to the shop im so lethargic i cant pick myself up off the couch lol i feel u im 33 weeks and im praying the nesting period is real 🤣🤣xx

I’m 36 weeks and the nesting urge has begun, but in strange ways… like trying out all my pens and throwing out the few I don’t like anymore lol

My nesting period was at the end of my second trimester. Now I can barely pack my own bag 😮‍💨

Yeah I just sleep all the time, no energy or motivation at all and I’m so uncomfortable I’m 37 weeks.

@Kaya hahahaha same! I throw away old notebooks and make up 🤣 strangely enough it makes me feel more organised

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