Midwife Appt in secret

I’ve got a midwife appt booked next Wednesday morning. I’m so scared about telling my manager, but I don’t know how else to explain while I’ll be absent from the office for 1.5hrs. I can’t say doctor as those appts are like 10mins, and I’ve already had a dentist appt. I can’t phone in sick as I’m needed in the afternoon… do I just tell my manager so it’s easier to explain why I have to attend appts here and there? I was hoping to hold off till I have my 12 week scan. Cant use my annual leave as I need that to cover days my child is sick/ childminder is away.
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Maybe say you’ve got a hospital appointment. Those can take ages.

If they knew you're pregnant and have appointment it should be paid time off and they have to let you go!

As above, tell your manager if possible because you are entitled to paid time off for appointments! They can’t make you make the time up either ☺️ Good luck x


If I was in a situation not wanting to share the news just yet I would come up with an alternative excuse. Property inspection, broken washing machine, installing new broadband at home... you know all kind of things you need to be present and usually have 1-2 hr slots.

I felt exactly the same as you when I was pregnant. I spoke to my midwife about it and she gave me a letter to hand to my boss. It was a medical letter, but didn’t have anything personal on it about baby. It basically said that I had an appointment at such a time on such a date etc. The header and footer was formal. Ask your midwife as the feeling I got from mine was that it’s quite a common thing. My midwife signed it too. Handed it in, no questions asked (employers have to be very careful with this anyway) and I was able to tell work on my terms when I felt comfortable and happy! Your body, your news, you definitely do as you wish xx

@Rebecca thank you so much. That’s it, I’m just not ready to mention anything yet as I know the dynamics will change. Didn’t want to feel forced into sharing my news (which I doubt will stay quiet) because of an appt I have next week.

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