*UPDATE* baby girl was born yesterday evening 🩷 Contractions stopped but my waters have broken 🫠 I’ve been booked for an induction tomorrow morning. Any effective suggestions on bringing on contractions naturally?

38 weeks today and my first day of maternity leave 😂
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Hey, if your waters have broken you should call triage and make your way to the hospital. Baby is on the way!!

@Tahmina No most hospitals have a 24 hour rule. They want you to call and to test its definitely waters but usually send you home for 24 hours to see if labour starts naturally

I walked and did big hip circles on a ball. Things picked up about 3 hours after my waters broke

@Tahmina I did, they confirmed it was my waters and have booked me in for an induction tomorrow morning if things don’t happen naturally by then

@Kate thank you, will give this a go

@Samiyah good luck! Hope all goes well 🙏

Walk or get on the ball, don’t stop moving x

@Samiyah good luck! Hope it all goes wonderfully!

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