Facial expressions

Mums am I being a complete hypochondriac or is this facial expression normal 🙈 she does it quite regularly and initially makes me and dad laugh but I’m starting to wonder if she’s got a twitch or what?! Anyone else’s LO done/do this? She’s 17mo she isn’t in pain got trapped wind or anything thought maybe her very expressive concentration face but she just does it so randomly
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My little boy is 23 months old and does this, it really makes us laugh too, I think it’s normal and I call it his cross face, think they are just trying out different facial expressions xx

LG does it she’s nearly 2 we also consider it a cross face or 🙄 lol

Our 11 month old has been doing it for about 6 weeks - she lowers her eyebrows with it, so we call it her frowny face

Ok thank you so much mamas for making me feel better 🙈 it’s just out she switches in and out of it so quickly and for no reason! Their characters/personality at this age is just the best

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