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Hi everyone, so today we went for a 4D scan at a private clinic, and everything looked great except his abdominal circumference, the technician had to measure three times and everytime if was around 22-23cm, which means it was <1%. I was so not expecting anything to be wrong because so far all checkups were fine and I haven’t had an ultrasound since 20w(I’m 30w5d today) so yeah. The technician didn’t give us any explanation for why it might be that low, he was just “I don’t know why that is” so he said he would call the hospital to refer me and I’m gonna get a second opinion but I am so so stressed. Literally when he said it I thought I was gonna pass out or throw up. I’ve tried googling it a bit but the things I read are absolutely devastating and made me feel worse (still birth and higher morbidity rates) so I stopped and I’ll see what the doctors say but yeah I just needed to share because I’m so so worried for our little boy 😭 I hate that we didn’t get any explanations of what could cause it, he just said “worst case we’ll have to get the baby out early” and ofc that’s not great but as long as baby is healthy and will survive I’ll do anything. Sorry for the paragraph I just feel so worried and shocked. If anyone has gone through the same thing or has any clue pls let me know, and please send some prayers for our little one 🥺❤️
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I’m sorry I have no knowledge of this but I’m sure all will be ok xxxx

@Katie thank you, I really hope so 🥺🥺

I’m 32 weeks and constantly worry about things but sometimes they say these things and baby is absolutely fine! I know it’s hard but try to think positive 💙

Awww that's so hard 😭 Please try not to worry because someone I know went to a 4D scan and they found something wrong with the child even though all the hospital scans were fine up until then but when the baby came out, there was absolutely nothing wrong with him and she was relieved but also annoyed because she was worried sick the last few months of pregnancy for no reason. I have the opposite problem where my daughter is big which is worrying too but also please also remember that it is just an estimate and they aren't always right and googling anything these days is all doom and gloom so please try not to 💙 I will pray for you and your son though but I'm sure everything will be okay ❤️ 🙏🏻

So sorry you’re going through this. I had a similar thing at my 20 week scan where they told me baby’s head circumference was measuring small below 5th percentile which scared me so much! They didn’t offer any explanation and I was left to google which gives the worst case scenario!! I went for a second scan after 2 weeks and it was actually normal size!! They said sometimes the baby’s position means they can’t get an accurate measurement which is why it came up small as they were in a position where they couldn’t get the full thing! Also a midwife told me a lot of the time if there is something wrong with baby, a few measurements would be measuring small not just one! I did put myself through so much worry and a few midwife’s have told me scan measurements are not always accurate due to baby’s being in different positions! When I was worrying I rang triage / midwives and told them and I spoke with a midwife who put my mind at rest a bit. I hope you get your answers soon ❤️❤️

Thank you so so much girls for your kind words and reassurance, I’m trying my best to stay positive but it’s hard. I feel like I was plunged into icy water and I can’t get out 😢 I just pray that he’s okay, he’s been moving and kicking very strongly, and the ultrasound tech said the rest of the measurements (head circumference and femur length) were normal. I think if I read correctly on the screen he’s also lower on the weight (1.3kg instead of 1.5 at 30w) but he didn’t mention anything about that. The percentile is so low that’s why I’m worried but I’m hoping it was either a wrong measurement or he’s gonna catch up soon. I’ll update you when I know more, for now I’m waiting for an answer from the hospital, it’s horrible to be in the unknown but I also hope that the fact that the tech wasn’t so alarmed and they haven’t rung me yet means it’s not an emergency 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 I hope he’s gonna be okay that’s all I want ❤️❤️ thank you all so much for your prayers and your love, it means a lot!! Xxx

I had a 4D scan a couple of weeks ago and left worrying, so I know how it feels. Although, my situation was slightly different, as they measured that I had more amniotic fluid than normal. I was referred to the hospital for a growth scan and everything was absolutely fine. The sonographer explained that sometimes people measure things differently and that’s why measurements etc are sometimes off. Please try and not worry, I know it’s easier said than done however, if you have been referred you will be in the best care if it is necessary, but it might not be and could be something of nothing, so please try and stay positive xx

@Katie thank you for your reply! I hope I can get some reassurance with a second opinion, I’m trying to stay strong for baby!! It’s hard because I know it’s probably not my fault but I can’t help but feel guilty 😔 hopefully I get referred soon, still haven’t heard anything from the hospital so I’ll call tomorrow if they haven’t contacted me. I hope it was just an error in measuring and baby is fine ❤️ I’m so happy for you that everything turned out fine!!

We mums never stop worrying about our kids and it all starts when they're in the womb and never ends lol 💙🩷

Really sorry that you’ve experienced this, as an expecting mother who went through similar experience but with definite diagnose on fetal hydrops, if you’re planning to go for any private scan try to go to Fetal Medicine Centre, where your scans are carried out by doctors who have trained in scanning and fetal medicine, which means your answer from them will never be anywhere near“ I don’t know why “ instead they will be able to make the assessment and give you all the answers you need. Unfortunately these private 4D scan clinic usually work with sonographers who are not trained in fetal medicine, yet will only be able to give you numbers based on the standards. Stay positive ❤️ I’m sure it will all turn out fine🙏🏻

@Cathy ugh ikr I’ve put myself up for a lifetime of anxiety and stress 😅😅

@Selin thank you! Yeah I should’ve gone to a place with medically trained staff instead but I didn’t expect anything to wrong. I got referred for an appointment at my local hospital tomorrow, praying it goes okay ❤️ it’s horrible to be left in the unknown, I was so shocked when he told us that I didn’t even insist on getting answers but I should’ve!

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