C section date Burnley Hospital on Badger app?

Hello I got a date for my c section of 26th July today at my appointment. I can’t remember if the doctor said it would go on my Badger app or not? It hasn’t been added so now I’m worried it’s not booked in 😂 Is there anyone who had elective c section at Burnley hospital who can advise? The doc told me to ring central birth suite at 7am on the day of the section and they’ll tell me what time to come in. All feels a bit disorganised and it’s worrying me! Thanks xx
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It will appear in the app mine took a few hours, if it not on by tomorrow ring them and let them know I’ve had to do that a few times xx

@Ria thank you! Xx I hate the Badger app so much 😂

Oh god me too, I had nothing but problems with it. Nightmare 😂 xx

I had one 9th June! It was all pretty organised. It will be your pre op that you have to ring and find out what time you need to go in, this should be 24/48 hours before your date of c section. They do some bloods and give you a preload drink thing which apparently helps with recovery to take the morning of your op. You will then be told if you are an AM or PM c- section as they only give you 2 times, 7am or 11.30 I think to come in. You may not need tips.. but my top tips would be -pack a long coat or dressing gown that covers your bum. I was waiting in a gown for 8hours to go to surgery and had to walk to surgery with a gown that didn't shut at the back! Luckily I had a long jacket. I had lavender spray which helped chill me out whilst I waited and in surgery too! I packed loads of snacks for after surgery, including peppermint tea bags and chewing gum - both of these are supposed to help with trapped wind which is common after a c section. Also pack some slide on shoes for going to the loo.

Also.. the staff were so great with us, they will take pictures for you if you take your phone into surgery and give it to a midwife. Good luck!

@Harriet thank you! I’ve actually got my pre - op date and time for 1pm the day before. Did your c section date show on your badger app?

Also.. the staff were so great with us, they will take pictures for you if you take your phone into surgery and give it to a midwife. Good luck!

@Diana really? That's so strange, they should you when your due in then, or can check, you need to know by 7am so you know when to fast until! 😂 If your in the morning you have to fast from midnight, but if you have an afternoon slot then you only need to fast from 6am. Trust me those hours make a big difference! Yes it came up on the app I think, but it wasn't straight away, it took a day. If your worried that it hasn't been booked. Ring up and they will check - I rang them loads

@Harriet thanks lovely!

I'm still waiting to hear back from my c section date, I got told I'd hear back from a phone call but heard nothing yet, nothing on Badger either. I got told in person last time, the unknown is scaring me. Any advice?x

@Sophie I rang up central birth suite last night as nothing on the badger app and I asked them to confirm my appointment. They asked for my name and then I was put on hold and they came back and said the date I thought it was, and told me that they don’t normally put the section date on the badger app. Hope that helps lovely xx

@Sophie sorry just realised you’ve not even been given a date yet! I’d definitely call up ante natal and chase it up, I’ve been given so much conflicting info it’s been a stress! Have you got another appt coming up? How many weeks are you? Xx

@Diana I'm 36 weeks, I've found this to be very stressful too. I have a midwife appointment tomorrow, but that's my last one, I think as I have no other appointments coming up I've signed for the section the other day but no news yet. Xx

@Sophie speak to your midwife tomorrow and ask for a number to call to chase it up. I find there’s so many numbers on the badger app but never have any idea which one to call when I need to chase something up. Good luck, hope you get it sorted xx

@Diana definitely will, thank you. X

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