Can't believe it!

Been ttc for 8 months and lately I have been having terrible migraines and more often than usual. I have just taken a test and it's positive! Looks stronger in real life. I am so bloated already too I wonder if baby number 2 makes u show quicker!
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Here’s to hoping for me! I’m on what’s considered late (day 1) and have been having terrible headaches for the past two days.

I was on day 2 late and that's when I took the test. I was getting really bad migraines like everyday which I've never had before. Fingers crossed for you 🙏🏻 🤞

I’m having the exact same symptoms 😭 Also, I do think you show sooner with #2. So happy for you!!🤍

Congrats!! I just got my positive on Monday at only 3 weeks pregnant! It’s also my second and these symptom are weirder and I’m super bloated too

@Erin let me know how you get on when you take a test, hope it goes well for you 🤞xx

@Katie thank you congratulations to you too! I think I will be about 3 weeks too as I ovulated on the 23rd. Ye I'm really bloated and super migraines x

Congratulations 🙌🏻 xx

Congrats! Hoping this is our month!

no baby 😭

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