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So my baby was born today! 🥺🩵 However, I’m already struggling with feeding. He had a feed at 11:30ish and I can’t wake him to have another. Tried a nappy change, couple open eyes but the boy is snoozy!
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My little girl was the same in hospital first few days, we was in 4 days after she was born but she was also jaundice so they are more sleepy and harder to wake up. I’m breast feeding and she wouldn’t latch on properly and suckle to get anything. So I was having to express into syringes to give to her to get the milk in her and give her the energy to start waking up to feed. But midwives all told me to strip baby down to wake them up and try tickling their feet. It’s hard when they like that but keep trying and if ur still in hospital buzz the midwives for help. And congratulations on your baby boy xx

I assume you have tried some skin-to-skin?

Congratulations! Did you get epidural or morphine? That crosses the placenta and can cause a drowsy baby x

Undress baby, skin to skin and keep trying

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