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Has anyone else found that there baby’s movements have changed/ slowed down after 37 weeks? Baby’s still moving and we react straight away if I poke my belly but they just seem a lot slower and smaller movements than before. Is this normal? They say any reduced movement you should go to triage but I don’t feel like it’s reduced just different! Can anyone reassure me this is normal or has anyone else experienced this other wise I will definitely ring triage
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Mine does more rolls/slow movements. At night though lying on my side, she does very hard kicks as that's where her legs and arms are. If you think the pattern has changed a lot, I'd get checked. For me, if I wasn't to feel her kick at night, I'd go in as I know that's something she always does for example.

I’m 38+6 and same as you. The movements are slower and more like rolling sensations than the previous fast jabs and like you if I poke or if I’m hungry I know about it. The pattern of when she’s more active hasn’t changed much though. My midwife said if you can still feel them moving but it’s different then it’s ok. Movement is good. However if you are concerned always best to call triage and have a chat.

Mine have absolutely slowed down!! Like you said still there, but have changed! I have been to triage for it and she went mad the minute the monitor was on and I felt a bit silly! But I guess baby is that much bigger now, they have less space to move around! Xx

It has concerned me but I have found that this is his new normal. I still feel him but it's different. More rhythmical movements and they're slower. It's been like this for a while now and had a growth scan and midwife appointment in the middle. All say he is fine. I would always advise people to get checked if they're worried but for me, this seems to be the way it is now!

I asked my midwife this yesterday, as I have less kicks and more rolling. She said it was normal as long as you can still feel them. It's due to their size and the fact that they've moved down into your pelvis.

Thankyou everyone! I went with my gut feeling and I’m on the monitor now as I just felt abit worried. Typically since I’ve got here he hasn’t stopped moving and it’s probably the most he’s ever moved in 20 minutes 😂 it does make you feel abit silly but I’m glad I got checked as it’s put my mind at ease!

Exactly the same happened to me when I went in to be checked a few months back. I swear as soon as I stepped through the door she didn't stay still! Glad to hear all is well, never feel silly, it's better to be sure.

I’m 40 weeks getting induced tonight as I’ve had reduced movements 3 times now, went on the monitor and she started moving so much.. BUT I went off how she was the rest of the day which was quiet so that’s why they’ve induced me. 🫣 always get checked whenever movements slow x

There’s no harm in asking them! If you’re concerned give them a call :)

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