C section belly bands?

Does anyone know if it’s safe to get belly bands after a C-section? Also has anyone’s midwife said this is okay or recommended to them? What are peoples recommendations?
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I’ve been using the BabyGo Recovery Band over my clothing for last 4 weeks when going out for my daily walk and found it really helpful. I don’t wear it otherwise. I also recently got the Frida Recovery Band and found that is helpful for hot or cold compression again over a clothing item to help reduce the amount of paracetamol I’m taking

@Joanna are you still taking paracetamol? Four weeks on?

Yes I am still taking paracetamol but trying to only take 1 lot in the morning and 1 lot in the evening and use the compression pads/belt throughout to try and prevent taking paracetamol. My stomach is still rather swollen though above my scar and sore some days more than others

@Joanna aww bless you! Yeah I’m not sure if mine is swollen or just how it’s goes to be. My belly above my scar just feels almost like pins and needles when I run my fingers along ir

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