Positive for Covid 😩

Tested positive for Covid this morning. Called my ob and am waiting for a call back. Mostly slept absolutely horrible and have a sore throat. I guess it’s good that baby will have some antibodies but man this is icky :( poor hubby is super anxious and convinced he gave it to me.
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You’ll be fine- I had it at 14 weeks- on and midwife said tons of babies delivered now and no problems- I loaded up on vitamin c and echinacea. I also take 7000 iu’s of vitamin d a day as maintence.. the levels they tell you to take Are a joke

Baby probably won’t.. I’ve read it doesn’t pass through to them… I’ve had it 4 times now… it’s not as scary as it used to be… husband gave it to me too after coming back from a conference- honestly if anything I would start taking baby aspirin and stay in it all of pregnancy- I go to a natropath and have been taking stuff for covid recovery support for years- baby aspirin being one and even obs recommend it… your biggest issue is going to be the stress caused by your brain- you will be okay.

I had covid at 17 weeks and im 20 weeks now I was scared but my obgyn reassured me that baby boy will be fine once I have passed 5 days isolation he had me come in to hear the babies heart beat if that helps you ask for a follow up appointment but stay hydrated and rest as much as possible .

@Lauren really research I read says they pass through the placenta as long as it is later in pregnancy and offers some to them. Mostly I am just frustrated I’m sick in summer. I always hate being sick in the nice weather 🤣

@Tennara I have my 6month appt scheduled on Friday next week so I should be good to just go to that. Hopefully it’s mild and I’m feeling better by then.

@Aubry good luck and congrats you will be fine just rest and hydrate positive vibes

@Aubry oh no! Please take care and sending you wishes for a speedy recovery ❤️‍🩹

Praying for a fast recovery I had covid once last year when My 3rd was around 2/3 months old lckly i breastfed her so she got the antibodies from my brestmilk that kicked my butt stay hydrated mama! 🙏🏽

I had covid at about 15 weeks. I was nervous & called my ob as well. She advised to rest, stay hydrated, if the cough caused labored breathing to go to the ER. I also made sure to take vitamin C. Recovery was a breeze & baby is still doing well--just had my anatomy scan the other day.

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