So I changed to easy at home tests after seeing slightly faint lines on wondfo tests and again I’m seeing shadows, lines appear within the 3-5 minute time frame which is given on the tests so I’m so confused. I’m not sure if it’s the start of something or just generally bad evap lines? I’ve got a gorgeous daughter and I know from past experience easy at home tests showed shadows etc when I was early pregnant with her. Just want everyone’s thoughts? Only time will show I guess but no idea of ovulation day unfortunately.
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I see it.. my very early positives have looked like this!

@Chloe thank you! my previous pregnancy started like this but the reason why I’m confused is because we’re not actively trying due to it just being 8 months since my last birth, all I know is that my fertile week was last week whether I ovulated is another story so it would still be early to get a proper positive yet! I’ll wait a few more days even tho the wait drives me insane!🤣 xx

I see a line! Best of luck mama🤞🏼

@Becky thank you! xx

These type of tests were so faint for me. I had to get a first response and the line was definitely there. The cheap tests always took forever to finally get dark.

Also I’ll sound crazy but I found out I was pregnant at like 2 weeks. I swear. I thought I was further along and went to my ultrasound and I was way earlier lmao

@Megan thank you I do love the first response tests I think they’re so clear! Quite a few say different but I got a positive quite early on with my daughter I might do one, I’m getting very faint on easy at home tests too so very confusing xx

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