Low estrogen level on trigger day

Hi ladies, I have low ovarian reserve at 36 and have been doing gonal-f shots for 2 weeks now. My scan this morning showed two follicles of the correct size >18mm but my estrogen blood test has come back at 390pg nmol (normal levels 500-1000), indicating that my follicles may not be developing correctly. I was told we could go ahead and trigger tonight with egg collection on Friday and may not get anything or to cancel the cycle altogether and try again in a couple of months, possibly using different drugs. Time is not on my side with LOR and another cycle would cost £6K, and potentially yield nothing. I’m just wondering if anyone has had the same experience with low estrogen and what you decided to do? Or any success stories of eggs being collected/baby? I am already incredibly lucky to have one IVF success in the form of my 15 month old baby boy but I am absolutely desperate for another and pretty devastated that I may not be able to, all the while feeling greedy because I already have my miracle baby. Thanks so much in advance ladies and wishing you all lots of luck and baby dust xx
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Following as I’m in a similar situation. I had two mature follicles at yesterday’s scan (estrogen was 457) and I had another scan today. Waiting to hear if it went up. Also supposed to have my retrieval Friday but it’s not looking promising.

Following as well. I’m supposed to have my retrieval on Sat but not looking good either. Having another scan tomorrow to determine what the next step is.

Can I ask whether you had your oestrogen checked at the start of your cycle? In earlier cycles, my consultant didn’t check and I had poor outcomes. They’ve now said I can only proceed and start stims if my CD2 oestrogen is >100. Not sure whether that’s relevant. Wishing you all luck, I’m hoping to start again next week.

@Zoletta I don’t think I did. Best of luck for next week x

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